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Definition of Socialism: NOT utopia

keyWe again warn our people in America of the constantly increasing threat against our inspired Constitution and our free institutions set up under it. The same political tenets and philosophies that have brought war and terror in other parts of the world are at work amongst us in America. The proponents thereof are seeking to undermine our own form of government and to set up instead one of the forms of dictatorships now flourishing in other lands. These revolutionists are using a technique that is as old as the human race—a fervid but false solicitude for the unfortunate over whom they thus gain mastery, and then enslave them. ~David O. McKay

Conservative vs. Liberal scenario: help for Homeless Guy

Rush Limbaugh

fishselfreliancecartoonYou got a conservative and a liberal walking down the street and they encounter a homeless guy.


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Socialism And Related Comments

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Socialism and Christianity

The Christian Revolt

There are many who believe that to truly follow the Christ we must be Socialist.  They say this because of the general premise that Socialism fights for the socially downtrodden.  I do not intend to get into this here.  I think there is credence to this as well as doubts about this.  My belief about Socialism and Christianity is simple.  As someone who serves the Christ then we are His and we do not belong to this earth but to heaven.  If this is true (and I believe it so) then no man made way of being can work for us.  We must (as Christians) submit ourselves fully to God as a slave as someone who has no rights.  Our slavery is voluntary and we are able to leave it at any time.  When we proclaim to follow Christ then we must give up our own free will our own…

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Science proves socialists are just a bunch of babies.

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Social care by Finola Moss

Care To Share Magazine blog

On Tuesday afternoon, some 3 days after the final hissy fit, we received our first communication from anyone.

It was an email from our social worker, as follows; ‘ I met with X and Y from the agency yesterday. Agency will no longer be supporting Isabel. Agency have ended their contract with Social Care and will no longer provide staff to work with Isabel. Please can we discuss’.

So endeth, mine and Issy ’s, 18 month relationship with the carers in kitchen.

A damning indictment on an agency, who purport to be ‘committed in developing our services to be a continuous, responsive and reflect the services required’.

And the two workers who left us, after nearly a year of knowing us, high and dry, without explanation, looking forward to a day out.

But then how is ‘Social Care’ accountable?

Obviously not by conscience and humanity.

You can make a complaint…

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Youth First — Building a Safety Net For Children in Southwestern Indiana

Indiana Juvenile Justice Blog

Staff and supporters of Youth First presented at the Education Outcomes Task Force on November 7, 2014.  The program uses social workers to provide “evidence-based programs that prevent substance abuse, promote healthy behaviors, and maximize student success.”  Programs target children from three to eighteen years of age and their families.  A particular focus is keeping at-risk children connected with their education.

According to the Youth First literature, “[e]very $1 spent on effective prevention saves $18 in costly consequences.”

The programs serve children in at least Gibson, Posey, Vandenburg, and Warrick counties by connecting with schools and organizations, such as YMCA of Southwestern Indiana.  There are a broad range of programs, including In It to Win It, a program based on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Steven Covey.

As an aside, Professor John Gallagher from the Indiana University-South Bend, School of Social Work, presented…

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