Caroline Rodgers Social Worker: Practicing the Guitar

Caroline Rodgers is a social worker who lives and works in London, England. She has been a professional social worker since 1994, and is a member of the British Association of Social Workers.

When she isn’t working, Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, enjoys walking with a walking group she belongs to. She also likes listening to music, and has tried her hand at learning several musical instruments, but laments that she has not been very successful.

In that, Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, is hardly alone. Even gifted music students get frustrated with their progress. The key, experts say, is learning the best way to deal with that frustration so it doesn’t stymie your progress, or worse, cause you to quit playing.

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has practiced the saxophone and guitar, among other instruments. A lot of guitar players conclude that the guitar is just too hard and instrument for them to master. But online guitar lessons can allow a person to quickly and easily look up how to perform all sorts of techniques, from how to play guitar chords to all manners of more advanced lead techniques. Overcoming frustration is an important for many people when practicing.

Guitar teachers often remind their students that famous guitar virtuosos like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eddie van Halen, and others, spent many years perfecting their art before they reached the level they did. No famous guitarist just picks up the instrument one day and starts playing at the level they became known for.

The most important thing to remember, guitar teachers like to say, is that you choose to learn the guitar because you enjoy it. If playing the guitar or any other instrument stops being enjoyable, it’s a good idea to reevaluate your practice schedule.


About Caroline Rodgers Social Worker

Caroline Rodgers spends her free time taking long walks through the Lake District and Cornwall. Getting out of the city and away from a case helps Caroline Rodgers rejuvenate so that she is recharged for work when she returns. Caroline Rodgers encourages fellow social workers to get outside and enjoy nature. Her work always comes first, but Caroline Rodgers prioritizes taking care of herself too. Enjoying nature gives her the clarity she needs to fight tough cases and give children the protection they need.
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