Caroline Rodgers’ Proven Way to Make Fitness a Regular Routine

Caroline Rodgers understands that incorporating physical activity into your daily life can be a challenging task. For years, Caroline Rodgers ignored her need for fitness. As a result, she found herself struggling to deal with difficult cases at work and feeling fatigued after getting a solid eight hours of sleep each night.

Caroline Rodgers finally hit a point where she decided that having a normal fitness routine was more important than an extra hour of sleep in the morning. While this was difficult at first, Caroline Rodgers quickly found that sacrificing an hour of sleep actually gave her more energy during the day. For others, waiting an hour to eat dinner can give you time to exercise after work. Whatever the sacrifice, Caroline Rodgers says it is worth it.

Caroline Rodgers also joined a walking group that helps keep her accountable for her fitness routine. Caroline Rodgers says the group creates a great sense of motivation for fellow group members. “Joining a club, whether you’re a runner or walker or cyclist, will help you follow through with your fitness goals,” Caroline Rodgers says.

Sacrificing sleep may not sound ideal, but if that is the only time an individual can find throughout their day then Caroline Rodgers encourages people to take that risk. Caroline Rodgers tells people to try exercising every day for two weeks and see if you feel differently. Caroline Rodgers says she was surprised to find herself looking forward to her early morning wake up call so that she could get a strong start to her day. Caroline Rodgers believes that anyone can reach his or her fitness goals with some scheduling adjustments.


About Caroline Rodgers Social Worker

Caroline Rodgers spends her free time taking long walks through the Lake District and Cornwall. Getting out of the city and away from a case helps Caroline Rodgers rejuvenate so that she is recharged for work when she returns. Caroline Rodgers encourages fellow social workers to get outside and enjoy nature. Her work always comes first, but Caroline Rodgers prioritizes taking care of herself too. Enjoying nature gives her the clarity she needs to fight tough cases and give children the protection they need.
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