Caroline Rodgers Understands the Importance of Social Work for Victims

Caroline Rodgers is an accomplished social worker with a passion for justice that far exceeds her job title. Before entering the world of social work, Caroline Rodgers spent time volunteering to help the people in her community who were struggling to survive. Through this involvement in her local area, she discovered that she was passionate about helping people stay protected from the injustices that happen in the world. When she joined the London Borough of Haringey Children’s Services, Caroline Rodgers began understanding her role in advocating for the rights of children.

After years of working with children with disabilities and working on child protection and adoption cases, Caroline Rodgers Social Worker began expanding her field by leading various programs and meetings. Caroline Rodgers designed programs to help not only the children, but also the parents. After working in social work for many years, Caroline Rodgers began to see that parents needed equal, sometimes greater assistance than the children.

But first, Caroline Rodgers makes it her number one priority to ensure that the child is safe before she starts helping the family. However, Caroline Rodgers wants people to understand that child protection doesn’t stop once children’s services have rescued a child. The family needs assistance figuring out a future that will lead to success.

Caroline Rodgers is interested in exploring various ways she can better her community by protecting children and their families. Caroline Rodgers works to help improve situations of poverty and homelessness. Caroline Rodgers conducts programs where children and parents can both learn what necessary steps they can take towards a more promising tomorrow.


About Caroline Rodgers Social Worker

Caroline Rodgers spends her free time taking long walks through the Lake District and Cornwall. Getting out of the city and away from a case helps Caroline Rodgers rejuvenate so that she is recharged for work when she returns. Caroline Rodgers encourages fellow social workers to get outside and enjoy nature. Her work always comes first, but Caroline Rodgers prioritizes taking care of herself too. Enjoying nature gives her the clarity she needs to fight tough cases and give children the protection they need.
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