Caroline Rodgers: Helping London One Child at a Time

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has been involved in helping the children of London for almost twenty years. After gaining her CQSW through the University of North London in 1994, she has worked tirelessly to help children escape poverty, abuse, homelessness, and violent circumstances.

Since becoming certified, Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has committed her career to improving the quality of life for children across the greater London area. She has worked in several different boroughs throughout the area and has provided protection for many children in dangerous situations.

During her career, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has developed various programs designed to reach children and parents struggling to establish a stable living environment for the family. Before attending university, she volunteered around the community and recognized the dire need for improvement in many family situations. Her degree has allowed her to make a practical contribution towards bettering the living conditions of children in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, knew the job would be messy from the beginning. “Stepping into destructive family situations can be awkward,” she says, “but letting children suffer in that environment causes far more long-term damage.” She’s made it her mission to help children find the safety and protection they deserve from stable adults who have the proper resources to care for them.

Although the job isn’t always glamorous, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, believes in the work she does and is devoted to making an impact on her community by helping children find solace away from complicated adult matters. Her career provides a safe haven for many children who lack responsible parents. The London area is better because of her work.


About Caroline Rodgers Social Worker

Caroline Rodgers spends her free time taking long walks through the Lake District and Cornwall. Getting out of the city and away from a case helps Caroline Rodgers rejuvenate so that she is recharged for work when she returns. Caroline Rodgers encourages fellow social workers to get outside and enjoy nature. Her work always comes first, but Caroline Rodgers prioritizes taking care of herself too. Enjoying nature gives her the clarity she needs to fight tough cases and give children the protection they need.
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