Why Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker, Loves Visiting Cornwall

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, participates in several cross-country walks each year throughout the English countryside. Although she enjoys visiting new places, Cornwall remains one of her favorite stops along the journey. The coastal area provides breathtaking views and quiet beaches perfect for relaxing and getting away from the busyness of London. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has several favorites including:

  • Lamorran House Garden: With views of the sea, this Mediterranean-style garden includes four acres of pristine landscaping featuring lush gardens and plants, which thrive next to the coast. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says this is one of the best stops along her Cornwall walks. She loves sitting in the gardens quietly and enjoying the different horticultural beauties included in the perfectly manicured space.
  • Newquay Zoo: Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says this is the best spot for animal lovers in all of England. With lions, penguins, and toucans, this zoo offers something special to animal appreciators.
  • Michael’s Mount: Caroline Rodgers, social worker, often includes this site in her cross-country walks. Since the location is only accessible by foot, it makes the perfect stop. A wealthy family restored the medieval monastery in an attempt recreate what life was like during the 1600s. The product is peaceful haven for all who visit.
  • Port Isaac: This charming fishing port is popular for a reason. With beautiful rolling hills and clear waters, tourists and cross-country walkers alike flock to this tiny town to enjoy the views. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says she never skips this stop.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says Cornwall will always be a special place for her. Whenever she has time to get out of London, she immediately heads for the fresh coastal Cornwall air.


About Caroline Rodgers Social Worker

Caroline Rodgers spends her free time taking long walks through the Lake District and Cornwall. Getting out of the city and away from a case helps Caroline Rodgers rejuvenate so that she is recharged for work when she returns. Caroline Rodgers encourages fellow social workers to get outside and enjoy nature. Her work always comes first, but Caroline Rodgers prioritizes taking care of herself too. Enjoying nature gives her the clarity she needs to fight tough cases and give children the protection they need.
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