Social Work and the Wounded Healer

Conduct on Becoming

Some of us come to social work for very clear reasons. We come as wounded people who have left trauma behind and seek to help others who are or have endured trauma, as well. Some of us choose to work with clients who have different pain than ours; some of us return to our own pain through healing clients in the same place we once were. Regardless of the population, we come to heal others, and by proxy, ourselves.

There is nothing working with the Wounded Healer in social work. Nothing. No matter what disparaging references you may hear, take pride in your work. For there is no one who can comfort so well as a fellow survivor. There is no one who can advocate so fiercely as a professional with personal experience.

But remember, social work in its highest form has three objectives:

  • Heal
  • Empower
  • Transform

We seek to…

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SASW Social Work Awards 2014

The closing date is 28 November so you’ll have to get a move on but if there’s a social worker you think deserves to be nominated you can do so using this form: Nomination Form 2014


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Why Caroline Rodgers Believes in Work of British Association of Social Workers

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, became a member of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) in 1998, only four years after earning her CQSW from the University of North London. Joining this organization gave her the credibility she needed to launch a successful career helping underprivileged individuals throughout the London area.

Since joining BASW, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, continues to support the overall mission of the association. She deeply admires the code of ethics and believes it’s the only way to successfully implement the principles of social work. “Learning the BASW’s code of ethics helped me immensely in my social work career,” says Caroline Rodgers, “and I probably wouldn’t have the wealth of professional opportunities without the backing of BASW.”

Although all social workers adhere to certain ethical principles, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, believes the BASW is unique. With specific codes pertaining to human dignity, appreciating diversity, maintaining healthy professional boundaries, and accountability, Caroline Rodgers believes the methods established by the association facilitate the best quality of social work available in the United Kingdom.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, appreciates how BASW brings together a diverse group of specialists in her field. She says learning from her peers contributes to both her personal and professional growth. Partnering together, this group of social workers has made significant progress towards helping individuals suffering from abuse, poverty, homelessness, and violence.

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker with BASW for over fifteen years, believes the association has helped her accomplish more good in the community. Without BASW, Caroline Rodgers believes she would have had more limited opportunities to use her skills to help people in need.

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Caroline Rodgers: Working to End Domestic Violence

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker in the London area, has committed her career to helping the less fortunate. Since she earned her CQSW from the University of North London in 1994, she has worked tirelessly to provide protection for underprivileged children throughout London.

She began her career in social work at the London Borough of Haringey, and starting practically serving the community by rescuing children from abusive homes and finding better alternatives. Since this experience, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has made it her mission to help end domestic violence in London. Her work gives her unique perspective concerning the severity of the situation in the urban area, and she is strongly convinced her calling is to help minimize the abusive family situations throughout the city.

“My work gives me insight into what children suffer through on a regular basis,” Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, says. “I want to do as much as I possibly can to create a better future for the children currently experiencing horrific abuse throughout our city.” With this type of passion, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has taken enormous strides toward decreasing the number of cases involving domestic violence.

While children are the primary focus for her work, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, also wants to help women escape the terror of abuse. Partnering with Women’s Aid, she is working to empower women to take steps towards establishing freedom and finding a new future for their families.

The work of Caroline Rodgers, social worker, is transforming London’s abused population. She is actively working with individuals to help them escape violence, which contributes to her mission of ending domestic violence altogether in London.

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Caroline Rodgers’ Lake District Recommendations

An avid cross-country walker, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, frequents the Lake District during her walks across the countryside of England. The idyllic scenery and peaceful lakeside towns create the perfect combination for people seeking an escape from the noise of the city. For future walkers and tourists, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has provided some of her favorite stops from her walks. The list includes:

  • Lake District National Park. From cycling to kayaking and walking to windsurfing, this natural area provides the perfect getaway from individuals and families who enjoy getting out in nature during vacation. Depending on the region, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says visitors can also learn about the rich history of England by touring various stone circles, early settlements, historic homes, and more.
  • Catbells Lakeland Walk. Located in Keswick, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says this is one of her favorite day hikes in the Lake District region. With breathtaking views of the lake, the walk lends an excellent taste of the quintessential Lake District experience.
  • Crafty Monkeys. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says this is a perfect spot for families to spend the day while visiting the Lake District. From painting to throwing pottery, this interactive establishment provides fun for all ages.
  • Treetop Trek. Another spot for families, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, recommends this spot for adventurous families who enjoy the outdoors. With ziplines, swings, and bridges, the establishment provides families with a unique way of experiencing the history forests of the Lake District.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, loves escaping to the Lake District to rejuvenate from city life, whether she’s enjoying a quick visit to a peaceful lakeshore or a day hike to enjoy impressive views.

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Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker, is Taking a Stand for Women

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has spent the majority of her career helping underprivileged children throughout the London area. However, she is also passionate about helping women find freedom from domestic violence.

Over the years, Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has remained an active part of Women’s Aid, an organization committed to helping women escape abuse and find a better future. Her work with this organization has contributed to many women reclaiming their lives and discovering new beginnings for themselves and their children.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, feels this charity partners perfectly with her career in social work. Since earning her CQSW from the University of North London in 1994, she has committed her career to helping children find protection from abuse, homelessness, and poverty. Now Caroline Rodgers, social worker, is re-shifting her focus toward the whole family.

“Many women have their children taken away because of forces outside of their control. A dysfunctional marriage, an abusive relationship, and lack of funds to support a family drive them to find a different situation for their children,” says Caroline Rodgers, social worker. Now, she works towards preserving the family unit as a whole. While this doesn’t always end in success, she wants women to feel empowered about their ability to change their circumstances.

Women’s Aid contributes to transforming the lives of women. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says the most important thing for women is taking the first step and making the phone call to Women’s Aid. Physical force, threats, and degrading comments should not be tolerated. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, is ready to help women find freedom to pursue their dreams and create a healthier life.

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Why Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker, Loves Visiting Cornwall

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, participates in several cross-country walks each year throughout the English countryside. Although she enjoys visiting new places, Cornwall remains one of her favorite stops along the journey. The coastal area provides breathtaking views and quiet beaches perfect for relaxing and getting away from the busyness of London. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, has several favorites including:

  • Lamorran House Garden: With views of the sea, this Mediterranean-style garden includes four acres of pristine landscaping featuring lush gardens and plants, which thrive next to the coast. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says this is one of the best stops along her Cornwall walks. She loves sitting in the gardens quietly and enjoying the different horticultural beauties included in the perfectly manicured space.
  • Newquay Zoo: Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says this is the best spot for animal lovers in all of England. With lions, penguins, and toucans, this zoo offers something special to animal appreciators.
  • Michael’s Mount: Caroline Rodgers, social worker, often includes this site in her cross-country walks. Since the location is only accessible by foot, it makes the perfect stop. A wealthy family restored the medieval monastery in an attempt recreate what life was like during the 1600s. The product is peaceful haven for all who visit.
  • Port Isaac: This charming fishing port is popular for a reason. With beautiful rolling hills and clear waters, tourists and cross-country walkers alike flock to this tiny town to enjoy the views. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says she never skips this stop.

Caroline Rodgers, social worker, says Cornwall will always be a special place for her. Whenever she has time to get out of London, she immediately heads for the fresh coastal Cornwall air.

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